Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One State Under God

"A license plate that declares Texas "One State Under God" went on sale this week, despite an outcry from critics who say government tags shouldn't be endorsing religion."

"The license plate, which was narrowly approved in December by the governing board at the state's Department of Motor Vehicles, also features the words and image of the Crosses at Calvary, the site where the Crucifixion of Jesus is said to have occurred. Each plate costs $55, with some proceeds going to a group that works with underprivileged children."

As expected, upon the announcement of the tags, the liberals whined, groaned & complained about separation of church and state, blah-blah. Well, they can always exchange their Texas plates for California ones. I hear people over there are leaving in droves and moving, guess where? Yep, to Texas.

Sigh...If only I got a dollar every time the libs howled when things didn't go their way, I'd be a gigozillionaire by now. No, wait, after Obama's tax rate, I'd just be a little ol' millionaire.

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