Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving A New Meaning to Cat Scratch Fever

7 Texas women arrested in brawl over 1 man
Posted: Friday, July 22, 2011 11:49 am

JACKSONVILLE (AP) — An alleged brawl in East Texas over the affections of one man has led to the arrest of seven women.

Jacksonville police on Thursday reported all seven women are free on bond after being charged with participating in a riot. One is also charged with retaliation, allegedly threatening to injure nearby witnesses, and giving a false name to police.
Investigators say the arrests happened Sunday after reports of a fight at a truck stop. Nobody was hurt.
Detective James Oden says two of the women earlier allegedly exchanged threatening text messages about spending time with the man. Oden says some other women pulled up to get gasoline and became involved in the dispute.

Oden says some of the women are related.

Further details on the man weren't immediately released.

Talk about paying at the pump; 14 pumps, that is. Ol' Romeo must've tucked tail and went into the witness-protection program. I'm not sure there's a moral to the story here, but at least there's a made-for-TV movie opportunity for the Lifetime Channel or the O Channel.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Texan Stonehenge

The Cadillac Ranch

Several myths have been perpetuated about the origin of the Cadillac Ranch, which is up along the Texas Panhandle. This is Larry McMurtry country. The most popular tale goes like this: An eccentric Amarillo, Texas millionaire loved Cadillacs (like most old school Texans). When the time came to buy a new ride, he would have the old one buried nose first on his land. But, like most Texas tall tales, there’s more to the story than just the book cover.

The truth of the matter is that the Cadillac Ranch idea is credited to an artistic project. After all, what's there to do out in the desert praries of West Texas but shoot varmints like coyotes and praries dogs, and watch paint dry? Thus, the Cadillac Ranch, was born.

The Texas millionaire part of the story is true, however.

The 10 used Cadillacs, ranging in model years from 1948 to 1963, were built along the historic Route 66. The cars were meant to represent the "Golden Age” of American automobiles. At first, the cars displayed their original paint jobs – turquoise, banana yellow, gold, and sky blue. But as people are wont to do when inspired by transcending art, they spray painted the cars, making them utterly unrecognizable from the original factory finish. Now, this is the kind of interactive art movement you don't see the Louvre's patrons mimic. I read that souvenir aficionados smashed the windows, made off with all the chrome, radios, speakers and even some of the doors. Ooo wee! How many art museums can boast that their exhibits also serve as the gift shop? The wheels have since been welded to the axles to prevent more theft.

The Cadillac Ranch is located west of Amarillo on old Route 66, south of I-40 between exits 60 and 62.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

That was no cop. That was the Michelle Obama food police!!!

DEER PARK, Texas, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Police in Texas said an officer is facing charges after security cameras recorded him taking other people's food from a station refrigerator.

Deer Park Police Chief Greg Griggs said the cameras were installed after food including lunches, drinks and 60 pounds of deer sausage was taken from the department's refrigerator, KTKR-TV, Houston, reported Friday.

Griggs said officer Kevin Yang was caught on camera taking food and Monster energy drinks from the fridge Nov. 19, 22, 26 and 27.

"The same officer was taking the items each time," Griggs said. "Nobody else was taking it during that three week period."

Griggs said Yang was placed on a 30-day unpaid suspension Tuesday and is facing misdemeanor theft charges.

Yang said he was just trying to keep the refrigerator clean.

"A lot of times we clean up the community refrigerator like once a week, everything take by Friday or certain date or everything gets thrown out, which we don't do here," he said.

This story had more holes than Swiss cheese and was difficult to swallow. It even gave me heartburn. Once I sank my teeth into it, it became more palatable. In the end, it was all in bad taste.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shootin' in the Dark

Bringing new meaning to ‘firing blind’
Associated Press
Updated 12/11/2006 7:07:43 PM

The blind would be able to go hunting if a Texas bill becomes law.
The bill would allow legally blind hunters to use a laser sight, or lighted pointing instrument, which is forbidden for sighted hunters, according to State Rep. Edmund Kuempel, who introduced it.

"This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people, and I think that's great," Kuempel said.

Many Texans enjoy the state's reputation for outdoor sports. The state also is where Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a friend in the face while hunting for quail earlier this year.

Blind hunters also would have to have a sighted hunter with them. They could hunt any game sighted people can hunt and otherwise use the same weapons.

I guess it's better than legalizing them to use hand grenades for partridge huntin'.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Coming Soon! Swooner's Day Surgery

AUSTIN, Texas - (February 14, 2012) - The Seton Heart Institute has opened Central Texas' first 'fainting' clinic, the Syncope Clinic. It is dedicated to addressing a symptom that affects thousands of people and could potentially uncover serious heart conditions.

Approximately 3 percent of all emergency department visits are for fainting. Oftentimes, a patient will undergo many expensive tests and see numerous specialists, only to walk away without knowing the true cause of the fainting.

"Many suffering from syncope say it feels like the lights went out which can cause a great deal of anxiety because they don't know if or when it will happen again," explained Dr. Jeffrey Michel, cardiologist with the Seton Heart Institute. "We're devoted to utilizing the latest tools and techniques to assess a patient's symptoms and then develop a plan to help control and prevent fainting spells."

from Dell Children's Medical Center News, Feb. 14, 2012

I heard they also treat dizzy spells, weak knees, lilly livers, scatter brains and zonk outs, too.

Flush Twice - Houston Needs the Water

HOUSTON - Turn the tap or flush the toilet in North Texas, and every drop down the drain ends up at a sewage treatment plant like the large facility in West Dallas, operated by the Trinity River Authority.

"We're handling right now about 135-140 million gallons [of raw sewage] per day," said Bill Tatum, the manager of the Trinity River Authority.

This plant is one of the biggest in the area, which separates solids and removes paper and other objects before turning it into clear water in a 12 hour process.

"Flush twice - Houston needs the water," said Glenn Clingenpeel with the Trinity River Authority. "It used to be a joke. Now it's more of a water strategy. The folks in Houston will say, 'Yes, please do.'"

It's a little-known fact outside science circles, but a truth in Texas for decades.

Wastewater from the Metroplex flows downstream 250 miles in the Trinity River and into Lake Livingston, where Houston gets most of its water.

from, Austin, TX

Houston, we have a problem...

I Guess She Didn't Go With H&R Block...

A woman reported being threatened by a lady who prepared her taxes. The woman told police the lady wanted more of her refund as payment.

from The Lufkin News, Feb. 20, 2012