Monday, February 20, 2012

Flush Twice - Houston Needs the Water

HOUSTON - Turn the tap or flush the toilet in North Texas, and every drop down the drain ends up at a sewage treatment plant like the large facility in West Dallas, operated by the Trinity River Authority.

"We're handling right now about 135-140 million gallons [of raw sewage] per day," said Bill Tatum, the manager of the Trinity River Authority.

This plant is one of the biggest in the area, which separates solids and removes paper and other objects before turning it into clear water in a 12 hour process.

"Flush twice - Houston needs the water," said Glenn Clingenpeel with the Trinity River Authority. "It used to be a joke. Now it's more of a water strategy. The folks in Houston will say, 'Yes, please do.'"

It's a little-known fact outside science circles, but a truth in Texas for decades.

Wastewater from the Metroplex flows downstream 250 miles in the Trinity River and into Lake Livingston, where Houston gets most of its water.

from, Austin, TX

Houston, we have a problem...

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